Ortega Park T-Mobile Antenna Proposal Revision (8-17-07)
Visualization of Shed Modification Needed for T-Mobile Equipments

Come to the City Planning Commission Meeting Tuesday September 18, 2007 at City Council Chamber at 7pm.
OPNA is opposing the cellular antenna plan for Ortega Park and is calling for a comprehensive master plan for the city of Sunnyvale on wireless services in conjunction with the residents of the city.
The new revision is T-Mobile response to the request by the city planners to match the original footprint of the current shed and utilize the space underneath the seats to house the required electronic equipment for the antenna. The revised footprint remains intrusive to our park as well as not taking advantage of the space underneath the seats.

Mouse over buttons to see Original Proposal and Revised Proposal.

First level dimensions based on proposal.
Second level dimensions are approximate, no exact figures given for 2nd floor.
Proposed footprint is over 2 times the current shed.
Walk space around the shed is significantly reduced after the addition even with the revised proposal (8/17/07) from T-mobile.